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Apt, Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) and The Scrap TwinsTM


Accepting and balancing ourselves as material beings with emotions, intellect, and spiritual awareness is important. However, once we do that, it also is vital that we DO SOMETHING in life. From the IDEA, we ACT and not allow ourselves to be trapped in the same old habitual actions. Instead, we analyze and place what we value and want to keep in our ScrapBookTM and discard what we no longer need in our lives by placing it into our ScrapBagTM.

Unfortunately, what is put in the ScrapBagTM isn't totally destroyed. We can allow ourselves to move back into certain circumstances and those old habits will come back to us VERY EASILY. It is vital that we find positive substitutes for negatives in our lives and focus on those subsitutes but with AWARENESS. For example, to substitute over-indulging in alcoholic drinks as a  substitute for smoking is NOT focusing on a Positive. There are many other examples and you can come up with lots of those non-acceptable substitutes. The important thing to remember is to be self-aware and self-knowledgeable and if we want to make changes, we come up with a plan, which is the new Apt (after the analysis).

This is a constant cycle in life.

One thing it means is that all of us have many talents and potentials we may not be using or may not even realize we have. It is easy to say, "I can't do that." But, a better phrase is, "I haven't taught myself to do that yet."

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