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EZ ElephantTM


EZ ElephantTM represents the physical or material world, which is why the graphic contains various colors (racial identifications) and is edged in the color black (according to scientists, we all came from a common black ancestress in Africa named Lucy). Also, both genders and two eye colors are included. If you have green or hazel eyes, please just imagine EZ does, too.

When we are in-balance, we realize we live in the material world and we are intelligent about our homes, cars, food intake, purchases, etc. We take care of ourselves physically and we also take care of ALL of our material blessings.

Among our material blessings is the Planet Earth. We are considerate about ecology and waste management. We also give thought to climate change and how we can be more thoughtful consumers.

When out-of-balance, we are devoting too much of our energy to the material world and not enough to the invisible attributes of emotions, intelligence, and ethics/morals or spiritual self.

Nobody is perfect, so if we are out-of-balance in the physical world, it is a lesson to work on for the lifetime. The material brain we have can become so in charge of us that, despite the changes we want to  make (lose weight, for example), we can have a difficult time because of a "set point."

Regarding the brain, it is very important for each of us to understand more about the neuro-transmitters (dopamine, seratonin, etc.) and to consume foods and drinks that are helpful and not toxic or negative for us.

These two following graphics show EZ ElephantTM when out-of-balance.


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