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QuickQuackTM shows us our emotional nature. Many people live most of every day emphasizing the right-brain lobe. This lobe is important in creativity, but creativity that is never implemented is simply wishful thinking. Love, art, music, dance, entertainment, celebrities, etc., have their place, but balanced people are able to be creative and to actually put that creativity into action.

It is very easy to fall out-of-balance with the emotions. Volatility can be destructive if an individual doesn't learn to control his or her emotions. When we get overly emotional, we can become full of rage and forceful. The opposite is when we can't deal with emotions so we just play dead.

Emotions are a valuable part of us, even though they are invisible. Clues to another's emotions include facial expressions, tone of voice, posturing, a person withdrawing.

Often, children who are emotionally or physically abused will play Dead DuckTM to that abuser but then become Duck This OneTM to others. This is also known as bullying. When we respect the emotions of another person, we are authenticating their value and existence.

Some of us, Lee included, is not as much of an emotional person as she is intellectual. Therefore, when someone calls her and just needs her to listen to the whining about being abused or taken advantage of, Lee doesn't do the hugs and "Oh, poor you" responses that may be needed by the other. Instead, Lee is a problem solver and wants to see the abuse stop. As we say on the AwareTM page, nobody is perfect. Each of us has something to work on in order to become fully balanced and it isn't always easy to change one's nature. It can be a lifetime of work. But, changes can make us better and more balanced people. That is to say, Lee is working on being more balanced!

Hopefully, it is easy to see it is impossible to have bullies or victimizers in the world when there are no victims. In other words, when we stop being victims, we stop the victimizers from abusing us.

Many people become bullies because they have been victimized in some way (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically) by someone else. We see this bullying often at kids athletic events. The kid isn't all the parent desires the kid to be and, after the kid doesn't play well, the dad (or step-dad or coach or whoever), either pulls the kid aside to berate him or her OR does it publicly. It is uncalled for and the adult is not making a better player. The adult is creating a future bully in some form. The bullying may not even show up until that child becomes the boss at a job decades later, but the seed has been planted and nourished!

The PDF format sheet can downloaded and printed - "Why Am I a Bully" to help us analyze whether or not we were bullied as children. 



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