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Smart D DolphinTM represents our left-brain lobe, which deals with logic and step-by-step thinking. Smart D doesn't do wishful thinking. Instead, a goal is set and a plan is designed to reach the goal, again moving logically or rationally step-by-step. Every achievement begins with a first step.

This is intelligence rather than emotions and Smart D is often heard to say, "You let Quick Quack handle your finances? QQ's idea of balancing a checkbook is explaining the funds can't be overdrawn because there are still checks in the book."

Smart D does money, blueprints, writing, reading, etc., very well because there is logical movement as well as accountability.

The two possible extremes of using the intellect are shown in graphics below. Barry CudaTM represents someone who doesn't allow ANY use of his or her emotions. The opposite extreme is a person who has so little intellectual self-identity or self-esteem that he or she has to make up a pretend life. Whale of a TaleTM shows a very egotistical person - very self-centered rather than able to accept that he or she has a place among all of us.



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