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Three of us began Quick, Smart, EZ, & Aware Inc. as a non-profit corporation on July 14, 2014 when we incorporated in Texas. However, Lee had been teaching these concepts since the 1980s.

When we applied for and were granted 501(c)(3) status in 2014, the IRS placed a two-year maximum income limitation on us. That limitation has been $4,000.00 and we haven't done a fundraising push since our incorporation so that we remained within the law.

For that reason, our income has been very sparse, but at least we have accomplished publishing two free "how to" ebooks, an info ebook, uploading this website, completing consulting sessions with individuals and at a Dallas, TX corporation, and holding free classes.

Lee Gabor serves as Executive Director of the non-profit and our other two Board members are Karen Boudriault and Lucy Ford.

Our books are totally open and our actions are totally transparent. Lee makes sure Lucy and Karen are aware at all times of anything going on with the non-profit. They get full financial reports periodically.

It may be interesting to know that Lee developed QSE&A to help herself become more balanced. In the 1980s, she did consulting with individuals using the program. One technique was for people to video themselves at a family dinner and later watch the video. People would report to Lee they were astounded at how they treated some family members and/or were treated by some family members. Awareness is realizing what is happening in our lives. Only by recognizing and accepting truths can we do something about abuse!

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Bio of Karen Boudriault -

karen preferred photo croopped.jpg (332208 bytes)

Karen has served various corporations in the Maintenance Department, more particularly in the Electrical Division.

While in the U.S. Military, she trained to be a diesel mechanic & power generation mechanic and completed 26 years in the Army Reserve. She also studied mechanical technologies at Dallas Community College and has worked in the facilities maintenance trade for over 30 yrs, specializing in automation controls.

Karen is a world-traveler and has been to London, England,  Amsterdam, Holland, and the countries of Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

She has worked on an American Army base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she has served as the Power Generation Foreman, ensuring the over 300 soldiers on base would have access to the electricity they would need to perform their jobs. She has maintained generators and solar power equipment in her current position.

Karen also has served others by overseeing training and education in both mechanical equipment and safety issues.

Her hobby is restoring old vehicles, for example, her current project, a 1963 Chevy pick-up truck. 


Bio of Lucy Cruz Ford - 

lucy headshot for qsea.jpg (7999 bytes)

Lucy and her husband Taylor owned a restaurant in Las Colinas for years and then closed the business.

Lucy then joined Dallas ISD (Dallas, Texas) in 1997, where she began her teaching career and served as a fourth grade and Kindergarten teacher. In 2007 she moved to the district’s Central Office as an Instructional Coach, quickly moving up to Instructional Supervisor in the Math Department. She also wrote and published math curriculum for teachers in the district.

Lucy currently is in charge of Special Projects in the STEM-Mathematics Department for Dallas ISD.

While a teacher at Silberstein Elementary School, she was involved in many aspects of the campus and served as the Chairperson of the school’s Century 21 (afterschool) Program. Lucy also served on a variety of organizations at the campus and was instrumental in the creation of the annual CIP (Campus Improvement Plan).

Lucy is bi-lingual (English and Spanish) She received her MBE (Masters of Bilingual Education) from Southern Methodist University. Her work with the Parent-Teachers Association and with encouraging parental involvement in the Title 1 99% Hispanic-population campus was vital to Silberstein’s movement to a higher rating with the Texas Education Agency.

Lucy spent one summer in a teachers’ program in China, where she taught English to Kindergarten and first grade students in a summer enrichment program.

Lucy and Taylor have one son, William, who graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. He’s received an Associate Degree in Fashion Design in December 2015 from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, NY. He has applied to the Disney Design School, where he will continue to pursue and master his design skills.



Bio of Lee Gabor - 

Lee Gabor oval.jpg (44511 bytes)  amerstar.gif (1723490 bytes)  kappa delta pi 1 cropped.jpg (1453881 bytes)  rotary.gif (2348754 bytes)  6.JPG (500583 bytes)  WritersNotebookOctober2007Winner.gif (11323 bytes) 



·        National Award (American Star of Teaching 2006) from the U.S. Department of Education – one of 51 teachers named in the United States, represented Texas

·        in 2008 Invited to membership in Kappa Delta Pi, which is a National Education Association

·        selected to participate with 14 other teacher-leaders in national program “Leaders for Teacher Preparing “ (National Network for Educational Renewal), named by Dallas ISD and University of Texas-Arlington to serve for 2006-2007

·        State Award, runner up for “Classroom Teacher of the Year” from Texas  Computer Education Association (TCEA) 2006

·        local award, runner up for “Service Beyond Self” award  from Dallas Rotary Club 2006

·        named as a University Scholar by the University of Texas-Arlington (UTA) 2007; and Dean’s List at UTA 2006-2007


·        The Writer’s Notebook Short Story Writing contest October, 2007

Lee worked while in high school as a cashier in a retail store and also as a long-distance telephone operator for Southern Bell Tel & Tel in Atlanta, GA. She also was very active in her church, teaching Sunday School using a puppet show, playing organ and piano for services, and singing in duos and trios.

In college, Lee continued with the telephone company part time. Her first entrepreneurial enterprise was a small printing company established in 1964, the year she graduated from high school. She later owned a talent agency and academy and closed those in 1995.

In the late 1960s, early 1970s, she served for four years as a newspaper reporter on a daily in Indiana near Chicago, IL, primarily writing business and political stories as well as editing a weekly school page. In 1995, she began working as a free-lance technical writer for such corporations as Sabre (a subsidiary of American Airlines) and other major national businesses. She also completed various administrative, planning, and writing projects for law firms and other local corporations.

She has performed as a pianist and vocalist in hotels, country clubs, and restaurants throughout the United States.

A huge change occurred in 2002 when Lee agreed to teach 6th grade for Dallas ISD at Silberstein Elementary School in Dallas, TX. She taught 6th grade for two years and then served another two years as a 5th grade teacher. She entered the UT-Arlington program for training school principals and earned her M. Ed. degree (her B.A. degree is in Education). While at UT-Arlington, she was named a University Scholar and as she studied at the university, she became Academic Coordinator at Silberstein and, after graduation, at Gonzalez Elementary.

She retired from public education in the Spring of 2008 and since has written various fiction and non-fiction ebooks, which are available on the Internet. Lee holds 11 Teacher Certifications through the Texas Education Agency.

Prior to joining Dallas ISD, Lee worked with the international non-profit, Children United, founded by Belinda Ruggeri. Since retiring from public education, she has been a member of the Ellis County (Texas) Master Gardeners Association and the Palmer Lions Club. She also is a member of Kappa Delta Pi educational organization and was inducted into National Scholars Honors Society and has been a member of many other organizations during her lifetime. She has been a featured speaker at various education conferences.  

Her personal website is http://LeeGabor.com. On the Educator page are free articles and downloadable forms available for teachers.

Among the non-fiction ebooks available that Lee has written is “Classroom Success Through Creativity.”  It is available at Smashwords, Amazon, and many other online retailers.

Lee has two children, 12 children who call her “Grandma Lee,” and three great-grandchildren with another expected in June, 2016.  



Lucy, Lee, and Ginger Carlson serve on the current Board of Directors. Lucy and Lee have served since founding the non-profit in July, 2014 with Karen Boudriault. We expect to add additional Board members as time passes. 

In addition to being on the Board, Lee serves as Executive Director to ensure everyone is providing the information and documents required by the federal and state governments.

All Board positions are non-paid as is the Executive Director position. 



In compliance with State of Texas laws regarding non-profits, we have officers who are NOT on the Board of Directors.

PRESIDENT - Rocky Carlson

Rocky blue shirt head shot.jpg (17447 bytes)

Rocky has been a business owner and is experienced in all phases of operations, management, public relations, and finance.

SECRETARY - Lori Mitchell Seagroves

Lori also has owned businesses and has vast experience in the many facets, as well as the financial requirements. She fits in well with the Board's desire for full transparency regarding all financial transactions.

copyright 2014-2017 Quick, Smart, EZ, & Aware Inc. All rights reserved.