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AwareTM is shown as a purple human with no specific gender. The figure resides in the Sun to indicate enlightenment and spiritual development, which is accepting and working with one's ethics and morals.

Some people are educated from an early age to be more Aware of thoughts, emotions, and behavior and some people receive no guidance in this area. While survival of the physical self is important and it is nice to enjoy certain material objects, more Aware people do not steal from others in order to have more themselves.

Awareness of ourselves as global citizens also is important. And, Awareness of ourselves as citizens of our communities, counties, towns and cities, states, and countries, is vital. As we become such citizens, we are more apt to vote and to participate in making the lives of everyone around us better.

Please do NOT confuse Awareness with religion. Awareness is INCLUSIVE and most religions, which are rules and laws of behavior, are typically EXCLUSIVE (you don't believe in my religion you don't go to heaven or you aren't pleasing Allah, etc.) We all know religions have caused a lot of wars on our planet. 

Awareness entails respecting others. That doesn't mean we have to agree with them, but we can respectfully disagree.

Force is NOT an aspect of Awareness. We can try to force someone regarding an issue, but that doesn't mean the person truly believes as we state he or she should. The individual may only be pretending.

Awareness is NOT pretending. It is being authentic in who we are. 

The two following graphics show the seedling of Awareness that exists in some and must then be nurtured so it develops and the advanced or SuperAwareness, which is being able to see the big picture and the details. "The Path" in SubAware, The SeedlingTM is simply following a way of nurturing the self, knowing the self, thinking about how to become one's best self, determining for the self which beliefs are most appropriate. And belief structures can change over time as we grow and become more educated and knowledgeable.



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